Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Why????" x 600!

The above pictures are from a fun trip we took a couple of weekends ago to Gatlinburg, TN. Both sets of grandparents went, we visited the aquarium and spent a day at an indoor waterpark. It was a blast. Because we all spent so much time together that weekend, the grandparents became aware of something I hear every day- the word, "why????". They were quite astonished at just how many times, Noah, especially, uses the word. Of course, you have to remember, Noah has only been home for 3 months, is still very much in the midst learning a new language, and is surrounded by completely new sights and sounds- heck, I would probably say "why???" constantly as well. And I do mean constantly. Noah is one very inquisitive little man.
To see just how inquisitive he is, one day, I decided to keep track of how many times he used the word "why???". I only made it for about an hour, because he said the word over 50 times in one hour. So, if you average that over the 12 hours he is awake each day, he says "why???" more than 600 times a day!! That is a lot of "why's?????" I admit, at the end of the day "why???" #566 can begin to take its toll, but I try to remember- he is in a new world! We should be expect him to be full of questions! I have caught him a few times asking "why???" about things that he already knows the answer to, and in those cases I turn the tables and ask him "why???" :) It is amazing to hear him answer me in English. His English is improving with each day, and the biggest issue we are having with language at this time is word order, which is something we know will come with time.

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KLT said...

My favorite answer to the never-ending "why's" or, as we get a lot in my house, the "what-if's": (direct eye contact) and "Hmmm....what do you think?"