Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saying Goodbye (actually, just see you later :) & Adoption Update

For the past few weeks my grandfather, who turned 91 in August has been very ill and in the hospital. Yesterday he passed away and went to his eternal home. I, along with my parents and some other family members were able to be present as he passed from this life to the next. He died very peacefully, just as he had hoped.
Paus, as we called him, was the most hard working man I have ever known. From the time he was a boy growing up on a farm, to when he served his country in WW2, to his long and successful career as a carpenter, and even up until the last few weeks of his life, Paus worked hard each and every day, and gave his best in all he did. He was also a kind and compassionate man. It didn't take much to bring a tear to his eye. Just a few days before he passed away, he was asking me when we would be able to bring home Noah, and I think I saw his eyes get watery :) He was so worried about us, his dog, his friends the entire time he was in the hospital. Never once did I hear him complain or grumble about his condition. He was a man who was ready to enter eternity.
He was so special in so many ways, and we already miss him. However, we know he is having such an awesome time in heaven reuniting with my grandma and so many others who have gone on . Most of all, he is in the presence of his Savior. And we rejoice in that!
One of my favorite passages that speaks about death is 1 Thessalonians 4:13 which says we who are in Christ don't have to grieve as those who don't have any hope! We can grieve with hope, because we know that Paus is with God, and that one day, we will join him!
Adoption Update- They (US Embassy) still do not have all the paperwork they need/want to issue Noah's visa, but they should have it this week. We will most likely not know until Friday if we can travel this weekend. Honestly, the chances are slim for us to travel before Thanksgiving, but there is still hope, and we are praying for a miracle! If we don't travel this weekend, we are looking at a December 1 Embassy date. We really want to travel before then! On a side note, I just can't help but think that all these delays have been so I could be present for my family during this difficult time. God's timing is perfect, and we continue to trust that.

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KentuckyAngel said...

saying goodbye is so hard, and my prayers are with you all...yes...he is now @ peace & know that he will be resting his hand on Noah's shoulder now until he can come home to you all. His Paus is taking extra care of him til you all can. My prayers with you all....and can't wait to see pics of Noah at home!! Vicki Curry in KY