Friday, September 24, 2010

Not the Best News....

Well, we got some disappointing news today. The embassy in Ethiopia still does not have our updated approval information from USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), so this means that until they have it, we can not go to our embassy appointment. The chances of us having it in time to leave for our original embassy date of October 6th are basically ZERO, so this means we will now have to wait until October 20th to attend embassy. Major bummer! Though we are super sad, we are most upset for Noah, as he must continue to wait for us. We wonder what he is thinking?? We pray someone is explaining to him why we haven't come for him yet. It is really hard for us to be here without him.

The issue has something to do with the fact that we are living with my parents, and thus the home study was conducted with all four of us, instead of just Zack and I. If there are any individuals in the home over the age of 18, they also have to be interviewed, fingerprinted, etc. for the home study. This was done, and everything was documented in our home study, so we really are at a loss as to what else USCIS is needing, but we pray it is something simple that can be added to the home study and sent to USCIS asap so that we won't be delayed any longer! Please pray with us that this can happen. If for some reason they wanted my parents to have additional background checks (we have no reason to believe this) it could delay the process several more weeks. We should be receiving a letter tomorrow or Monday telling us what they need. Wow, what a ride adoption is!

Some good news, however, is that one of my best childhood friends, Tennille, has agree to accompany me to Ethiopia! We were originally planning on Zack going, but after some thought, it seemed to make more sense for him to use his time away from work spending quality time with Noah, instead of traveling. However, it isn't the easiest thing in the world to find someone willing, able, and actually interested in going to Ethiopia :) But, Tennille is, and we are both so excited!! I told her it will be the ultimate road trip, and that the only thing I could guarantee her is that it would be a trip she would never ever forget!

Last weekend, we all went to see the African Children's Choir perform, and they were awesome!! We dressed Caleb up in his traditional Ethiopia outfit we bought him during our first trip to Ethiopia, and boy did he look so handsome and sooo Ethiopian. When the children first came out onto the stage, Caleb had a very strange reaction. He almost seemed scared, and he wouldn't look at the children. However, after a few songs, he really started enjoying himself and by the time it was over, he loved it!! He has been playing the cd we bought and singing along with it ever since. It was really a moving experience to see these children, and to also see the church at full capacity! I think God moved in many hearts through these beautiful children.

Then, just yesterday, we took Caleb to the World Chicken Festival, an annual festival held here in London each year. It was his first time ever to ride "kiddie rides" and boy did he like that! He did not, however, like funnel cake. That is probably a good thing! Unfortunately, Zack and I love funnel cake. Oh well. We only eat it like maybe a couple times a year :)

We covet your prayers for a quick resolution to our USCIS issues. We really, really, REALLY want to bring Noah home asap!


Vanderpool days said...

Praying for you guys, I have become very familiar with frustration and also the Grace of God to see us through it! love you guys!

Lib said...

Well, I really hate this for you and especially for Noah Nigus. When will you know what the holdup is? We will keep you and Noah in our prayers as always. I wish you had better news right now but, on the positive side, what adorable pictures of Caleb & the choir! Gracie went to the Chicken Festival when she was in Kindergarten with a friend. I told her she could spend her $10 on anything as long as it wasn't a live pet - no puppies, no kittens, no chickens! She came home with a turtle, Spot, who we still have 7 years later ;o)


Sara Weber said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your delay with the Embassy. We had a September 30th appointment, and it got pushed back to October 14th. To everyone else, two weeks isn't that long, but to a momma waiting to bring her baby home, it's forever!