Saturday, March 27, 2010

God's Glory......

Hello? Caleb managing the office :)
Enjoying one of his favorite meals....chicken and french fries

The Pose....what else can be said about this one??
Today Zack and I held an America World seminar at our church. As America World Associates, we have done a few of these in the past, and each time we are so blessed by them! It is our honor to help tell others about the miracle of adoption any way we can. So far, we know of at least three families that have submitted applications to America World after attending a seminar. That is at least four children who most likely will be adopted! Praise God!!! He moves hearts in awesome ways!
The seminar today went awesome! God really showed up in an awesome way, and counting Zack and I and my parents (who always try to come for moral support), there were 17 people! That is the best turn out by far!! We were able to speak with many of the families personally after the seminar, and we believe that more children will be adopted! Again, praise Him!
Zack and I have often talked about how we never could have imagined how God would use our adoption to bless so many people and to open so many doors for us to speak about adoption. We are humbled and honored to be able to be used in such a way. It is such a blessing!
In the last post I wrote about feeling as if God was leading us to wait a bit before we made any decisions, as we were waiting to find out about a few different situations and circumstances. In the past week, God gave us an answer for each of them! So, we feel confident to move ahead in our decision to adopt from.......Ethiopia!!!! We have a strong peace in moving forward with this decision. We will be requesting a child ages 6-18 months of either gender (which will most likely result in a boy- a brother or Caleb!! yay!!!! ) that is HIV positive. Because we are requesting a child that is HIV positive, our referral could come as soon as 1-3 months after our paperwork reaches Ethiopia! We are not quite sure when our dossier will reach Ethiopia (we haven't even submitted it to our agency yet), but we are estimating it could be there by the end of May. It is crazy to think about bringing home a child this year, but I guess it could happen!
We are now going to commit ourselves to preparing as much as possible and learning as much as possible about HIV and how to give the best resources and care to our child. We have already done quite a bit of networking in terms of medical care and getting to know other families who have/are adopting children with HIV. We trust God will continue to lead us in this way as we seek to show His love to our new child!!


KLT said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see how God unfolds your family's story!!!

Blog Mobile said...

Rebecca - Thank you again for the wonderful seminar! We were so blessed by the entire day and we are planning to move ahead with an Ethiopian adoption of our own. Please pray that God opens the doors wide for us! We are praying for your family as you head into your next adoption.

God Bless - Libby