Saturday, July 19, 2008

Referrals for five families!!! UPDATED 7/23/08

Five families received referrals yesterday! Congrats to the Laughner, Britton, and Nunez families,and two mystery families.....the most exciting part.....the Nunez family has the same dossier to Ethiopia (DTE) date as us!!!! We weren't expecting anyone in our DTE group to have a referral for another month or so....but I guess we were wrong!! So, I believe that we are #2 FOR AN INFANT BOY!!!!! I am not positive, and we could be maybe #3 or 4, but I am pretty sure this is where we stand in line!! I am going to verify this Monday morning!!

It just feels so unreal to know that we are this know they are to our DTE group!! I am not sure if any more referrals will come this month, or if it will be next month, as it has happened that sometimes DTE groups are separated by a month or so in terms of when referrals are received.

Please keep praying for the many families that already have referrals and are waiting anxiously to hear news about court. We are praying that they will all make it through before the courts close in a few weeks.

UPDATE 7/23/08- AWAA would not say anything about when the next referrals would come or exactly where we stood in line, but they did confirm that there were four families with DTE dates of 1/25/08, and that the Nunez was the first of these families requesting an infant of either sex. This is great news, as our records showed the same information! We can now assume that AWAA is processing requests for infants of either sex or infant boys in the 1/25/08 DTE, we should be #2 for an infant boy!!

Also, on a less happier does not appear that the ten or so families awaiting court dates will get through before the court closure around August 5th. This means they will have to wait until October to have a court date and travel to meet their children. This is very disappointing news for these families. We continue to lift them up to the Lord and ask him to bring peace and strength to them during the next few months.


Jori said...

01/25/08 and we are 02/19/08 ~ Getting so excitted!!

beBOLDjen said...

Hey there Please share any news you receive from Duni with me ;)

E said...

You guys are SO close! Can't wait to see your "We've seen our baby's face!" post!


Amber said...

Thanks for the encouraging words and for praying. It's nice to have Christians agreeing in prayer!

shawn and tisha said...

Wow! You guys are so close!! How exciting! I can't wait for you to get your referral! :)

Anonymous said...

You have been so patient and now your waiting is almost to an end. I hope the days pass quickly. I know that "any day" is sometimes harder to bare that "a couple of months."

The Gillman Family said...

Hey Rebecca,

Thanks for the kind words on our blog today. It is so good to know that God is in control of it all!

Have a great night! Kim

Ray & Lisa said...

Yay! I hope we get our news at the same time!

Clay and Tracy said...

Love your blog. We are going to have the same time frame as you just a year after you. WE can mail our DTE in Jan 09. So when are you expecting a referral and to travel. Seems things are slowing down since we first started looking at AWAA.

K.P. said...

Congrats on being so close! I can't wait to pack out the Queen of Sheba in L'ville with all our ET cuties! :)