Friday, April 25, 2008

A Happy Day!

Today marks 3 months of waiting for a referral! So, hopefully we are halfway there...maybe only a little over three months until we receive our referral!

The best news of the day, however, is the news of long awaited referrals!!

Today, the Gibson, Ducommon, Ord, and Cox families received their referrals!!

We praise God for his goodness and faithfulness to us, and to these wonderful children and families! And we continue to lift up the other precious families who are soooo close to getting this same amazing news....the Wempe, Redfern, Moles, Tennant, Schmidt, and Juvinall families.


Susan said...

What an exciting day for our AWAA family! Thanks so much for you prayers. We are at 6 months, 1 week tomorrow, but who is counting?

Have a great weekend!

~Susan said...

Happy 3-Month!! We're 2-months today...time is going faster than i anticipated!

Clive & Dawn said...

Hi Rebecca! Congrats on the 3 mth mark! How exciting! Hopefully you'll get a referral soon! We are adopting a baby boy too!! Blessings to you!

shawn and tisha said...

Yay for three months!! :)

Amber said...

Don't you just love the waiting game?

Shala said...

I always love getting your comments on my blogspot. Thanks for keeping up with it. I hope your waiting process is going by quickly. As for my attitude about the addendum, it took me a bit to process it correctly. :) I figure a bit of waiting on this side of things and then 18+ years, basically the rest of life, with the kiddo. Not a bad trade.

Jody said...

Thanks Caldwells for how encouraging you have been on our blog comments. So nice to know that people who don't even know us are sharing in our journey and praying for us. May these next few months pass quickly for you. Oh, and as for if we are in the top 10 or not, I'm not certain. I don't really understand all of that. :) Have a blessed weekend!
Jody Britton (AWAA DTE 12/21/07)

Lori said...

Happy 3 months. We are at 5 months this week. We pray for lots of referrals so we can keep climbing up the list.
Lori Laughner