Monday, November 12, 2007

The Adoption Fair Went Great!!!

Just wanted to give a quick update on the adoption went great! God was so faithful, as over twenty people came to learn more about adoption! Many people seemed very interested and asked many questions, and some even stayed after to visit with the presenters! It was a great afternoon! We are now in the midst of planning our next event, and we are even working on starting a Bible study about adoption (the Biblical perspective on adoption). Thanks for all your prayers for this weekend, and keep them coming!!

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Josa said...

Rebecca and Zack -
A friend of ours in London sent us the article in the Sentinel about your story. We live in Madison Co. and just came home from Addis with our daughter on Sept. 5. We're very excited to hear that another family so close is adopting from Ethiopia! We'd love to get together with you sometime and tell you about our trip and you can meet our beautiful baby. You can email me at We don't have a blog - I know, we're no fun!
Josa Harl